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DOWNLOAD: Football Skills Video Checklist

Summary: Here is a checklist  of the KEY elements you must include in your Highligtht video. It is key for getting a sports scholarship. It covers what to include, when to send and how to produce.

Just uploading your video on YouTube is not enough to get a sports scholarship. You need to know what coaches are interested in. 

There are a several key components  you need to include in order to get that sports scholarship you seek. What should you include? What should not be included? How do you stand out?  With the millions of videos online how will you get noticed?
Football Highlight Video Checklist

This  checklist of 15  items will help better position you to get a scholarship at the best college for you. Use our experience of working successfully with many athletes help you with this key element of your scholarship search. It is sure to be a real time saver for you.

This higlight video checklist  spells out the key items every college coach is really interested in.

For your convenience, we tell you how to make the video yourself or how to get it done by a third party. You can get more insight into what others are doing via our "discussion zone" forum. 

Using our Sports Scholarship Pro video checklist will be a helpful guide to help you film and produce your most important video shots.  We have checklists for the following sports:






Track and Field

Ice Hockey with more under development

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