"Promote yourself to college coaches like a pro with our proven 7-Step Recruiting System. It will help you get an athletic scholarship in any sport."
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Client Testimonials

Sports Scholarship Pro Works!

It worked for me!
I can't begin to tell you what Sports Scholarship Pro did for me. I entered the recruiting process just like everyone else, not knowing much about how to pursue my dream. The SSP system walked me through the process one step at a time and put me at ease by answering any questions I had.

Before I knew it, I received a full-ride scholarship to Michigan State University...saving my family over $150,000!

Sports Scholarship Pro gave me direction through a very overwhelming experience and also gave me a sense of confidence by knowing that the system WORKS!

I finished my college volleyball career in 2005 and am currently playing on the AVP Tour (professional beach volleyball).

I'm so blessed to have the experiences that I've had, and I credit SSP with showing me how to actively pursue my dream. I can't say it enough, this system works! If you're interested in learning more or asking me questions directly, join us and head to the "Discussion Zone" to find out how you too can live your dream!

-Brooke L.
March 2008


We are in the middle of the recruiting process and would be lost and overwhelmed without SSP. They provide us with detailed information to help us understand the entire recruiting process. The resources provided are invaluable. There are links to important websites, such as NCAA, ACT, SAT, coaches, financial aid as well as resources for your athlete's physical and mental strength.

We are following their system for staying organized, which is extremely important. There are downloadable forms to help in many areas, such as communication logs, video checklists, goal setting lists, college "right fit" worksheets, college visit checklists and many, many more.

Every time I have a question, I log onto the Sports Scholarship Pro website and find the answer. Beth and Brooke Langston have been incredibly supportive throughout the process. I don't think we could do this without them.

The Everett Family (Memphis, TN), September 2009


Sports Scholarship Pro helped me out sooo much during the recruiting process. It was so great to have someone like Brooke to go to because she was always positive and she knew so much having gone through the process herself. She also did a great job editing my skills tape and making it look super professional. From sending out the very first letters all the way up to signing day, SSP was always there for me whenever I had a question or needed advice on what to do next. Brooke was especially helpful before I went on my first (and final!) official visit. She told me what to expect, what to say, what the coaches would do, etc. I am now happy to say I'm playing at a successful division 2 school with great academics..and i LOVE it!!! Thanks Sports Scholarship Pro!

Alese M. (Los Angeles, CA), September 2009


I am living my dream! I moved from Albania to the United States in 2001 to pursue my dream of using my athletic talent to get a Division 1 education. Everyone I met at SSP was so supportive! They answered my questions and immediately committed themselves to make my dream a reality. Long story short, with their help and guidance I was able to get an 80% sports scholarship for tennis at a Division I school. This is real…they are the "real deal"!!!

Oltion M., Albania, (Tennis Pro, Miami, FL), January 2005

Thanks to Sports Scholarship Pro and our consultant, Brooke Langston, the college recruiting process has been made simple and straight forward. SportsScholarshipPro.com is very easy to navigate and includes great tutorials explaining every step. It has given my daughter the confidence to contact and correspond on a regular basis with the college coaches at the top programs across the country. I highly recommend Sports Scholarship Pro to those student-athletes who want to compete at a top collegiate.

Frank T. (Los Angeles, CA) August 2009 target graphic

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